Unleash The Creative Energy and Vigor of our Local Arts Culture

“Central Oregon’s performing arts organizations have steadily outgrown their available venues, many of which are rented from churches and schools. Meanwhile, Bend has grown into a city deserving of first-rate traveling productions from Broadway and elsewhere. Nothing would unleash the creative energy and vigor of our local arts culture more than a first-class performing arts …

Enrich Our Cultural World

“The Central Oregon Center for the Arts would provide our community with a deeper connection with the performing arts to help enrich our cultural world, especially our youth. Such creativity has proven to be the most important step to human development.” James Knox, Professor of Music, Central Oregon Community College; Founder/Director Bend Children’s Choir

Mandatory For Central Oregon

“A performing arts center is mandatory for Central Oregon as evidenced by continued sold out shows in venues that do not provide the space, rooms, wings, technology, etc. required for any quality production.” Michelle Mejaski, Choreographer/Director of Mejaski Productions