Envision Bend Recommends COCA

We’re right there in the Envision Bend 2024-2028 Vision Action Plan, listed as one of two
“Recommended Partners” under a section titled, “Collaborative Arts for Community Cohesion.”
The other recommended partner is the Tower Theatre.

The text under this recommendation reads as follows:

“Strengthen community cohesion and well-being by elevating and expanding on the foundation of artistic organizations, programs, events and experiences in the Greater Bend area. Bring members of the artistic community and interested residents together to identify new ways to collaborate, explore shared stories, invite new voices, promote reflection and discussion, and expand access to the arts. Identify and address current gaps and needs in arts venues and resources while building support and commitment for the Central Oregon Center for the Arts, which aspires to champion inclusive, transformative, and diverse arts experiences.”

The COCA board of directors is working hard to make sure that COCA is worthy of this vital Envision Bend recommendation.

You can read the full report at 

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