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Center for the Arts Goes to Next Step

Join the revolution in Central Oregon’s arts scene with the Central Oregon Center for the Arts (COCA) and Netzel Grigsby Associates. Discover how John C. Jepson is transforming the operational and organizational landscape from Bend, solidifying a prosperous future for arts and culture in the region.

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COCA Hires Expert to Help Make a Dream into Reality

Bend – Constructing a cultural center in Deschutes County has been a dream of arts enthusiasts 
for decades. At least two serious efforts toward this end have been made. None were successful.

But now, following the successful conclusion of a necessary first step – a feasibility study that 
outlined the components needed by a new center for the arts – a critical second step is under way.

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Envision Bend Recommends COCA

We’re right there in the Envision Bend 2024-2028 Vision Action Plan, listed as one of two “Recommended Partners” under a section titled, “Collaborative Arts for Community Cohesion.” The other recommended partner is the Tower Theatre. The text under this recommendation reads as follows: “Strengthen community cohesion and well-being by elevating

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Residents Say a Center for the Arts is Needed

Bend –A common strain running through residents of Central Oregon is the joy derived from artistic activities – especially music and dance, whether it be in food-cart pods or concert halls. This is true of long-time residents and it’s also true of those who have arrived more recently. So, it

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Study Confirms Need for Center for the Arts

BEND – Residents of Central Oregon strongly support the creation of the Central Oregon Center for the Arts, a multi-purpose facility proposed by a group of Central Oregon residents, according to the results of a recent study. The study, commissioned by the board of the Central Oregon Center for the

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