Board of Directors

Laura Thompson – President
Founder/president of a leading Southern California event production company specializing in fundraising for nonprofit organizations. Former medical center executive for community development. Lives in Redmond.

Trish Sewell – Secretary
Teaches voice at Central Oregon Community College. She sings with the Central Oregon Mastersingers and has been the vocal director for productions with Theater in the Park/Mejaski Choreography, Schor/Kilpatrick productions, Cascades Theatrical Company, and BEAT Children’s Theater.

Michael Gesme
Conductor of the Central Oregon Symphony and Professor of Music at Central Oregon Community College for 24 seasons. In addition, he conducts the Cascade Winds, the Central Oregon Chamber Orchestra, and various performances for OperaBend. Lives in Bend.

Valerie Pitts
A 40-year veteran educator and superintendent of schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. Has overseen the construction of several performing arts and theater facilities in schools. Sings with Central Oregon Mastersingers. Consults on executive searches, board training, and educational projects. Lives in Sunriver.

Larry Sewell
A retired police lieutenant from the LAPD, as well as a retired English and history high-school teacher. Long-time choral singer who for the past 10 years has sung with the Central Oregon Mastersingers. In 2017, he spearheaded the idea that the Central Oregon Center for the Arts needs to be built.

Jon Thompson – Communications Committee Chair
Print journalist, reporter and editor; photographer and blogger. Sings with the Central Oregon Mastersingers. Retired from Los Angeles Times Community News. Lives in Redmond.

Robert Schaub
Former Director of Technical Production and Facilities for the Seattle Opera. Handled theatrical production direction, technical direction and theater planning/ consultation and managed all visual aspects of the Seattle Opera’s productions. Retired. Lives in Bend.

Thomas W. Giuliano
Thomas W. Giuliano was Director of Projects and Promotions in the Marketing Department of San Francisco Opera for 23 years. He played a significant role in retrofitting of the San Francisco Opera after the Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989 and produced television and radio ads, along with video clips for network television. Lives in Sunriver.